Polar quad

Industrial Venture Fund

Investing in innovative eco-friendly industries in Russia’s North.

Dear friends and colleagues,

The «Polar Quad» Contest has opened a new dimension. Now you can file an application not only in respect to the current theme of the Contest each year, but also in other spheres, not necessarily connected to the current Contest, but also those relating to the Northern (Arctic) regions and abiding by the basic principles of the «Polar Quad»: business effectiveness, eco-friendliness, innovativeness, and social importance.

When filing a project using the «PQ Venture — Industrial Development» mechanism, the selection procedure mainly corresponds with that of the Contest proper, but the consideration, expertise, and selection of projects will be accomplished quicker, without direct reference to the Contest schedule.

It is the shortest way to realization of your project. Your application to the «PQ Venture — Industrial Development» will be timely considered by our experts, and having secured their positive decision, we will be able to discuss the plan of realizing your project with you.

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