Polar quad

V Annual Industrial Contest.

The Mission
Of The Contest

The Contest aims at selecting the best projects and technologies in new materials, composites, and products thereof for applying in the Arctic Zone of Russia.

The Contest is a means to draw attention of major investors and profiling businesses to the innovative, eco-friendly and socially oriented industrial projects generated in the leading science centers of Russia.

For terms and conditions, please refer to the Contest Documentation (available in Russian only).

The Winning Project

The Winning Project will receive a recommendation for realization with the support of the VneshEconomBank State Corporation — the General Partner of the Contest.

To realize the project, a separate business entity will be formed to perform the duties of the project’s operator. The attracted investment may be used, among others, to develop the scientific base of the project.

Why The Quad?

The projects applied for the Contest will be selected by the 4 criteria, which form the sides of a symbolic quad. The successful projects, in terms of the Contest, should contain all the 4 sides:

1) business effectiveness,
2) innovativeness,
3) eco-friendliness,
4) social importance for the development of the regions.

General Partner

Ministry Of Education And Science Of The Russian Federation
Federal Partner

Оf Murmansk Region

Of The Republic Of Karelia

Of Archangel Region

Government Of The Nenetsia

Government Of The Komi Republic

Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Center of Physicotechnical Problems Of The Energetics of the North (Kola Science Center, Russian Academy Of Sciences)


Arctic TV
Media Partner